The Voisin/Stewart Family
Husband: Anthony Joseph Yuncker
Born: 20 September 1879 1
Died: Before 1880 2
Additional Information

Anthony Joseph Yuncker:


There is apparently a discrepancy between "The History of St. Philomena Parish and the Beal City Community from 1875 to 1960," page 36, and "Of Pilgrimage, Prayer and Promise: The Story of St. Mary's Westphalia, Clinton, Michigan." Anthony is not listed as a child in the former source, but an "Arthur" is listed. It is possible that Anthony is actually the "Arthur" listed, but this is pure speculation.

Given the birth date of Anthony Joseph as September 20, 1879 (see "Of Pilgrimage, Prayer and Promise," p. 31), he should be listed in the 1880 census, but he is not. He is also not listed as one of the nine living of ten total children Jacob and Maggie had by 1884 (see "Portrait and Biographical Album, Isabella County, Mich.," p. 431). Therefore it is assumed Anthony Joseph is the child that died and so he must have died prior to the 1880 census.

Furthermore, the 1880 census lists Arthur as an 8-month old. If Arthur was born in 1879 and Anthony Joseph was born September 20, 1879, Arthur and Anthony must have been twins. It is likely that Anthony Joseph died shortly after birth. This would explain the discrepancy between "The History of St. Philomena" and "Of Pilgrimage, Prayer and Promise." If Anthony Joseph were born in Riley near Westphalia, he probably wouldn't be listed in the Beal City source, whereas he is listed in the Westphalia source.

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    This source mentions that nine of ten children are living by 1884. In conjunction with the 1880 census, and a process of elimination, the child that died must have been Anthony Joseph Yuncker.


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