Lorenz Rademacher
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001547-11: WPA Property Inventory

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A Michigan Rural Property Inventory, Works Progress Administration (WPA) inventory card (side 1) of the Lorenz Rademacher estate, conducted in 1936, describes the Rademacher homestead near Beal City, Michigan.

This side of the inventory card describes the farmstead. A dimensional sketch of the home is given, but it is not to scale.

At some point, Lorenz Rademacher's name was crossed out and Thomas Clair inserted. The diagram of the house was also crossed out. It is unclear when this was done, but the date July 10, 1951 appears at the bottom. The abbreviation "WBP" at top means an erroneous description was copied from the tax roll and has been corrected. Corrections have been made from deeds, earlier or later years tax rolls, government land office surveys, supervisors' records and other official sources. I assume though, the original description is that of Lorenz Rademacher's estate.

The one to one and a half story, eight room house was constructed in 1900. It had a stone foundation, wood framing, wood siding and one covered porch and one enclosed porch. The gable roof was clad in wood shingles. There was a partial basement with a cement floor. One wood/coal burning stove provided heat. The inside was decorated, and had pine floors, plaster walls, pine trim, and oil lights. Its condition was rated "fair." (The notation "Plast. Dec. P. Tr" indicates "plaster" walls and "decorated," "Pine Trim" according to descriptions of other property in the township.)

Beal City, Isabella, Michigan, USA

Source: "WPA Property Inventories," database, Michigan History Foundation, Seeking Michigan (http://seekingmichigan.org: downloaded 19 February 2016), 14N 05W 03, Pages 11-12, Record Group 72-76, http://seekingmichigan.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/compoundobject/collection/p129401coll0/id/84817/rec/1; citing Michigan Department of Treasury; Works Progress Administration.

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