Lorenz Rademacher
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001547-12: WPA Property Inventory

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A Michigan Rural Property Inventory, Works Progress Administration (WPA) inventory card (side 2) of the Lorenz Rademacher estate, conducted in 1936, describes the Rademacher homestead near Beal City, Michigan.

This side of the inventory card describes both the land and buildings on the farm. A sketch of the property is given, along with coded notation that describes the type and quality of land.

The general barn was constructed in 1910 and measured 50 by 36 feet and 20 feet high. It had a gambrel roof with wood shingles. The foundation was stone and the flooring was concrete. It had six windows and the exterior walls were of rough lumber.

A diary barn measured 30 by 20 feet and 10 feet high. The foundation was stone. It had a shed roof with wood shingles, a concrete floor and three windows, with a rough lumber exterior.

There was also a garage and steel windmill.

The farm was fenced with woven barbed wire with wood posts, but the fence condition was rated poor. There were 33 acres of cropland. Generally the farmland was rated "fair," as opposed to excellent, good or poor. The soil was mostly clay loam, clay and muck with poor drainage. The topography was mostly level.

In the sketch, North is up. The coded notation is translated as follows:

Area | Notation | Description
3 | "A" crop R3 5.5A; CL. C C C; L. P. Dr.
Land type "A," cropland, rated R-3 "fair," 5.5 acres.
Clay loam, Clay, Clay, Clay.
Level topography, poor drainage.

3A | "A" Crop R3 17.5A.; CL. S S S; L. P. Dr.
Land type "A," Cropland, rated R-3 "fair," 17.5 acres.
Clay loam, Sand, Sand, Sand.
Level topography, poor drainage.

3B | "A" Crop R3 9A; M M M M; L. P. Dr.
Land type "A," Cropland, rated R-3 "fair," 9 acres.
Muck, Muck, Muck Muck.
Level topography, poor drainage.

Beal City, Isabella, Michigan, USA

Source: "WPA Property Inventories," database, Michigan History Foundation, Seeking Michigan (http://seekingmichigan.org: downloaded 19 February 2016), 14N 05W 03, Pages 11-12, Record Group 72-76, http://seekingmichigan.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/compoundobject/collection/p129401coll0/id/84817/rec/1; citing Michigan Department of Treasury; Works Progress Administration.

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