Heinrich "Henry" Rademacher
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000829-02: 1864 Plat

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Plat of Westphalia Township, Clinton, Michigan, 1864, showing land owned by Heinrich Rademacher [00568] in Section 15 (80 acres). This parcel is consistent with two 40 acre parcels awarded by federal land patents (000816 and 000817).

A parcel owned by "A. Buchel" in Section 22 may be that of Anton Buechel [00801].

Source: D. S. Harley, J. P. Harley, J. D. Nash, H. G. Brigham, and M. C. Wagner, Map of the Counties of Clinton and Gratiot, Michigan: From Official Records and Special Surveys (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Samuel Geil, 1864), Westphalia Township; digital image, Michigan GenWeb, MIGenWeb (http://www.rootsweb.com/~miclinto/ : downloaded 2 June 2000.

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