Louis William Yuncker
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001434: Trade Tokens

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Trade tokens for L. W. Yuncker's meat market, Saginaw, Michigan.

According to TokenCatalog.com, these trade tokens are listed in the Ingle customer ledger as order number 191, which was shipped to Saginaw, Michigan about 1910. Both are brass. The "1" denomination is 18mm in diameter while the "5" denomination is 20mm.

How these tokens were used is unknown. The values 1 and 5 could mean $1 and $5, but $5 in 1910 would be relatively valuable. They could mean 1 cent and 5 cents, but other tokens from the time period often display a cent-sign and 1 cent in merchandise would be a small value. A pound of bacon sold for 25 cents in 1910. They might indicate 1 and 5 points used in a store credit scheme, a contest, or a sales promotion. They could have been used with customers or with suppliers.

Source: Richard Greever, Token Catalog (http://tokencatalog.com/index.php : downloaded 19 March 2015), L. W. Yuncker's trade tokens, TokenCatalog #10252 and #312386.

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