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001232: Starr Family Record

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25 January 1917

A record of the Clement Stochr (later Starr) family, who emigrated from Baden, Germany to the United States about 1835 and who subsequently migrated to Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.

This account seems very accurate. The names and dates agree closely with the 1851, 1861 and 1871 Canadian Census records for Wellesley Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada. Their second oldest son Ambrose Starr was likely the father of Clement Starr [01463], who apparently emigrated to Beal City, Michigan in company with Joseph Voisin [00021].

Source: Linda Tasker, "Starr's," e-mail message from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use]), to Mike Voisin, 26 September 2007.


[Note: The symbol "+" represents a cross, which commonly indicates an individual is deceased.]

Starr Family Record

About the year 1835 Mr & Mrs Clement Stochr, later name was changed to Starr, came to the United States from the Grand Duchy Baden in Germany and settle near Albany N.Y. Their family then consisted of five sons and one daughter. In the U.S. one son and one daughter was born to them. In 1838 their oldest son Francis left home to look for land to locate. He never returned and nothing more is known about him. About 1841 the family moved to Waterloo Co Ontario Canada and St. Clements was named in honor of Clement Starr. The sons were named Ambrose, Charles, Gregory, Samuel and John. The daughters married Adam Esbaugh and Jacob Thielan.

Ambrose's family. 7 boys 5 girls. Named Joseph+, Adam, John, Clement, Anthony, Alexander and Martin+. Girls Mr. John Simmer, Wm Forwell, Nick Districh, Julia+, Rosa, her married+ name I do not know.

Charles family. 1 boy. 6 girls. Ambrose+ Mrs Jack Rundstedler+, Katherine+, Mrs P. F. Schummer, Sophia, now J. M. Ehrentrudie S. S. De Notre Dame, Mrs John Adams, and Mrs John Herrgott.

Gregory family. 5 boys 2 girls. Ferdinand, Henry, William, Christian, Eugene, Mrs John Fleid and Mrs. [?] Daub.

Samuel's family 4 boys 5 girls. Fred, Robert, Albert, Samuel. Girls Maggie, married [?], Mary, Tillie, and the others name I do not know.

John's family. 7 boys 2 girls. Joseph+, Edward, Francis+, John+, Albert+, Frank, Matilda+ Sr. [?] S.S De Notre Dame, Clara, Sr Alphonse Sr of Mercy, and Louisa.

Esbaugh family 5 boys 4 girls. Joseph+, Ambrose, John, Frederick, and Clement. Mrs. Henry Simmer, Mrs John Weber, (Ottilia name not known), Mrs Sam Bremmer.

Thielen family left Canada about 1865 had several children but their names are not known to me.

Jan 25 1917.

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