Ambrose Starr
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001231-079: Ambrose Starr

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About 1860

A portrait, probably of Ambrose Starr [01781], an early settler of St. Clements, Wellesley Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.

A hand-written history of the Starr family [001232] indicates Ambrose Starr was the second oldest son of Clement Stochr, who later changed the family name to Starr. The family moved from Albany, New York to Waterloo County, Ontario in 1841. Ambrose would have been about 29 then. There is an Ambrose Starr listed as a separate family in the 1851 Canadian Census. The only other Ambrose Starr found in the same area is the son of Ambrose's brother Charles. That Ambrose Starr was 8 years old in the 1861 Canadian census

Source: Theobald Spetz, The Catholic Church in Waterloo County: Book I, with a summary history of the Diocese of Hamilton, Book II, and a list of the clergy who labored in its district from the beginning to the present, Book III (Toronto, Ontario, Canada: The Catholic Register and Extension, 1916), Page 79; portable document format, Internet Archive ( : downloaded 16 March 2011; Portrait of Ambrose Starr an early settler of St. Clement.

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