Jean Pierre Voisin
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002024-02: Birth Record

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19 December 1796

Birth record for Jean Pierre Voisin [I02040], showing parents Vincent Voisin [I02037] and Anne Eve (Denier) Voisin [I02038]. He was born 29 Frimaire an V, which corresponds to 19th December 1796. He was named in honor of his 1 year old brother, who died two months earlier. Vincent Voisin is listed as a cultivateur (farmer).

Reppe, Franche-Comté, France

Source: Departmental Archives of Belfort, France, Archives départementales du Territoire de Belfort ( : downloaded 10 October 2017), Etat Civil, Reppe, "Naissances" (Births) 1793-1803, image 32 of 80.

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