James Cole Stewart

001364: Grave Marker of James Stewart

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Grave marker for James Cole Stewart [I00244].

The source indicates 1895-1896, but after applying a false-color negative image filter (bottom), it is actually 1853-1896, which coincides with James Cole Stewart.

East Union / McCartney Cemetery, Dilltown, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

Source: Jim Tipton, Find A Grave (http://www.findagrave.com/ : downloaded 3 February 2015), James Stewart, 1895 [1853]-1896, Memorial 133509379.


Citation: Mike Voisin, iSeeAncestors (http://iSeeAncestors.com/tree/groups/public/media/si-f7000-i244-01.html : revised December 06, 2017), Gallery.

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