John Galbreath Stewart
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0010015: Grave Marker

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June 1961

Grave markers for John Galbreath Stewart [00197] and Adelheid T. (Pohl) Stewart [00198] taken June 1961, probably at Churchill Cemetery, Turtle Creek, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Father; John G. Stewart; 1888 - 1960
Mother; Adella Stewart; 1891 - 1943

There is conflicting information regarding Adelheid's true name. She went by the name Ida, which may be short for Adella. However she is listed as Adelheid in an 1893 passenger ship manifest (000808) from Hamburg, Germany. Her daughter Ruth Phyllis (Stewart) Voisin [00002] was not sure Adella was her true name.

Source: "Photographs," Kodachrome Transparency of grave markers for John G. Stewart and Adelheid T. (Pohl) Stewart, June 1961, Turtle Creek, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Estate of John Ernest Voisin, Huntsville, Madison, Alabama.

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